About us

About Us

WaterNotifier is owned and operated by Manvi Technologies LLC, a company based in Los Angeles, California, USA. We provide solution that will reduce water wastage by implementing a notification system that alerts people when their water supply is turned on. This results in fewer households leaving their taps open and letting water drain out. Our service will give people an opportunity to collect water on time.

Existing Drinking Water Supply system :

Most places in India the potable water distribution is administered by local authorities and operated by a valveman, and it is supplied based on availability of water and electricity. People may not know when water will be supplied, due to absence of a fixed schedule. A large percentage of people do not turn off their tap (or even have a way to do so), because the only way to know if the water has been supplied is to keep their tap open. In some cases, people have merely an open pipe that lets water onto the ground when supplied. This causes the unnecessary waste when water is collected.

Our solution :

We have developed a low-cost solution that increases the efficiency of the intermittent public drinking water supply in places such as mentioned above. It is integrated into an existing water distribution system. Residents and farmers who are subscribed to our service get a missed call on their phone, alerting them of drinking water availability in their residential area. By notifying people, they will be able to collect water sooner, decreasing waste. Our solution primarily increases the efficiency of existing drinking water resources.

This does not require large infrastructure, time, or resources to implement. Our automated system saves water and time, and makes the water supply system significantly more efficient.

Advantages of using our technological solution:

  • Cost effective
  • Requires little to no infrastructure
  • Makes use of advanced technology
  • Reaches end user immediately at a rural level - Helps farmers to spend their time addressing their basic life essentials/needs
  • Needs little to no manual labor
  • Can be maintained by any non-technical person with specific instructions
  • Generates employment for the youth at the rural level

Implementation :

Our service has been implemented and is currently being used in Indian villages with populations of around 1,500 people. We can quickly implement our solution in villages in phases. We can implement our service in all villages in a phased approach.

The Manvi Technologies team is eager to walk you through our system. We would be glad to work with your team. We look forward to making best use of every drop of water.